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To carry on the business of marketing physical fitness and virtual travelling related mobile Software applications (APPS) namely Step Bank of Health (SBH) Pedometer and Virtual World Travel (VWT) – GPS Tracking of physical movement – both available on Android & iOS Platforms, Software As A Service (SAAS) and to engage in selling of fitness Accessories including pedometers, t- shirts, hats and other Souvenirs etc.

  • The Greatest Wealth is Health - Virgil

  • Walking is the best possible exercise - Thomas Jefferson

  • Walking is Man's Best Medicine - Hippocrates

  • Money not spent (on medicines) is Money saved/earned, Wealth retained

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Selling/Buying of steps

Health Currency, 1 H$ = 100 Steps = INR 0.5/- or S$ 0.01/- or US$ 0.008/-; S$  =  Singapore Dollar.  Generous people can buy STEPS for sponsoring / encouraging / motivating / inspiring the walking fraternity. Silver    –    INR 500/- or US$ 8/- or S$ 10/-; Gold   –    INR 1000/- or US$ 16/- or S$ 20/-; Platinum   –    INR 5000/- or US$ 80/- or S$ 100/-


Virtual Travelling while doing real walking of choice

Enjoy travelling while real walking – select a Country trail of 42.19 KM Marathon distance and enjoy announcement 30 important places of interest.


Inspiring talk and physical walking amongst physically inactive people

We will give Inspiring talk and physical walking amongst physically inactive people.


Real walking for motivating others

In order to motivate physically inactive people, real walking  can be arranged with them for their motivation.

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Step Bank of Health

The universal truth is “Health is Wealth”, “A Healthy Mind In a Healthy Body: Mens Sana in Corpore Sano”. These truths / sayings are valid once the individual is given right importance to physical activities and do their part diligently with discipline and dedications. In modern world lifestyle, individual is focused more on their material gains/possessions with least focus of caring their life engine – Body, Mind & Soul. Walking is the very foundation of life, health, and fitness. It’s natural, primal and it’s the easiest thing on the planet to do. It’s also the most overlooked component of fitness and resulting in lifestyle diseases, overweight etc. This SBH (Step Bank of Health) Pedometer is a small initiatives to give little more value /caring our own Body & Mind for all walks of Life.

Virtual World Travel

Virtual World Travel (VWT) is a Health, Fitness and Virtual Travelling Android and iOS Application. It is simultaneous GPS mapping of the real movement (namely Walking, Running, Cycling etc) and plotting the same distance on the Virtual Trail. Each Virtual Trail shall be 42.19 KM (Full Marathon) distance with 25-30 important tourist attraction places of world each country


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